Sunday, 4 March 2012

Aaaarrgghh, Spider!

a well ready copy of Aaarrgghh, Spider!
When Aimee was little one of her favourite stories was Aaarrgghh, Spider by Lydia Monks. I'm a complete cowardy custard when it comes to real spiders but I loved when she chose this book for bedtime. It's so beautifully illustrated and when we read it we would have great fun seeing who could do the loudest, shrillest Aaaarrgghh!! I was pretty good I have to say!

We read it again quite recently and it provided the inspiration for my brother Steven's 40th birthday present. After making a felt flower bouquet for my sister Nic I decided I could maybe get away with some felt flowers for a boy if the colours were right, so I've chosen charcoals, greys, browns and a wee pop of lime green. The flowers were layered to create a 3-D picture and I added some beadwork and simple hand stitching for extra detail.

Aaarrgghh, Spider!

It looked great recess framed and the reaction was a pleasant surprise. Happy Birthday Steven (and Nic).

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