Saturday, 24 September 2011

Japanese Flower Scarf - DONE

From the very 1st to the very last, I've enjoyed making every single one of the 45 flowers in my Japanese flower scarf - my first big crochet project. I knew I would though.

the 1st flower

. . . and the last

When I started I did wonder if I'd be wearing it this winter or next, but it's been hard to put the crochet hook down so I've completed the scarf in just a few weeks. I think I could have just kept going but you have to stop sometime and besides, I was almost out of yarn. I'm thrilled to bits with what I have made and have photographed some close-ups showing a couple of my favourite flowers.

the one near the top - apple centre, camel ring and ruby petals

just above - camel centre, duck egg ring and denim petals

Hmm, what ever will I make next?

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Mister Moo

I'm busy working on my japanese flower scarf (27 flowers made already) but had to put the crochet hook down to make a special card for a special persons 50th birthday.

Happy Birthday Mister Moo!!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Japanese Flowers

I don't know how I stumbled upon Japanese flowers but they seem to be the talk of the online crochet world at the moment. Quick, easy and addictive everyone says. So, I found a pattern and tutorial on Revving It Up and . . . I'm addicted! I've made all these in the last couple of days.

I've only been crocheting a few weeks so if I can make them they must be easy!

I've been inspired to try a bigger project by Lucy at Attic24 who has created the most scrumptious Japanese flower scarf. I don't normally undertake projects that might take me forever; I can be quite impatient (that's why I don't do much knitting), but creating each flower is like a mini project and I know I'm going to enjoy making every single one. The yarn's on order, I have a brand new set of multi-coloured crochet hooks, I have Thursdays and Fridays to myself again now that school's back and I can't wait to get started.

Sunday, 31 July 2011


I was recently introduced to the delights of the new craft magazine Mollie Makes.

I have always loved crochet but, for no particular reason, have never quite got round to learning how to do it. But, when I saw the gorgeous handful of crochet flowers on the front cover of Issue 3 I decided it was time to dust off my crochet hook (it was still in the packet) and see what yarns I had left from the few knitting projects I've done in the past. I had no clue how to even make a slip knot so watched videos on YouTube and worked my way through reference sites for diagrams and instructions on the basic stitches. It took numerous attempts to get something that resembled a flower; I know they're not perfect but I'm over the moon.

I went crochet crazy after that and found a lovely (and very simple) pattern for a crochet strawberry at Rhythm of the Home. I didn't have much in the way of yarns to choose from (fabric is another story altogether) but I love these strawberries anyway.

Finally, I couldn't resist having a try at Sara Sinaguglia's crochet apple cosies from Issue 1 of Mollie Makes.

Guess what everyone will be getting for Christmas!

Monday, 6 June 2011


You know when you have something in mind you want to make but just don't have the right fabrics in your collection, and you can't find anything suitable online or at the fabric shop. Well, I've had a couple of collections in my head for a while but just didn't have the right fabrics to bring them together until last week when mum brought me 4 large pieces of cloth she had pulled from a bag of vintage fabrics that were being given away at her quilting group. The ones she chose for me couldn't have been more perfect for my Strawberries and Cream and Forget-me-not collections. Wish I'd been able to have a rummage myself though!