Thursday, 29 March 2012

Say cheese everyone . . .


Over the past few weeks I've hardly put the crochet hook down. Cupoftea times and lunchtimes at work, evenings, days off and weekends have been spent mastering that elusive magic circle and I've been working my way through the growing library of amigurumi patterns I've collected to try.

Wilf the wolf is my first ever amigurumi creation. I have to keep him for me because I think he's just the beginning.

Bun-Bun was a special request from Aimee.

Poppy puppy was for mum.

Bob frog is for Mary and Spike below was made for Fionn; my niece and nephew.

As for Henry? He's been much admired by Aimee and friends so who knows where he'll end up!

I owe big thanks to Cat Carlisle, Britainy Relland, Nancy Anderson, Erika Hughes, Willy-Nilly Waterlily and Jean Herman for sharing your patterns for free on Ravelry or blogs.  You have all been inspiring.

Working on all these different amigurumi I've spotted similarities in the way some of the pieces are worked and I'm feeling confident that I can maybe make up my own simple pattern. I seem to have lots of grey yarn (leftovers from a cardigan I finished last year) so have decided that Peter Puss is going to be my first amigurmi and I hope to share the pattern soon.

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