Thursday, 8 March 2012


Practise makes perfect, or so they say. I think crochet is a bit like knitting; it's one of those techniques where it's essential to do things by the book or mistakes stick out like a sore thumb. I rather like adding my own fancy crowd pleasing steps to my sewing (and the odd mistake on purpose) but I'm determined to learn to do crochet properly.

This week I've been practising in front of the TV while Alan and Aimee watch The Simpsons, again! I've used some lovely silk yarn I sort of acquired from the yarn store when I was at Art School; it was along time ago!! Sshh . . .

Flower Crochet

Spiral Shell from The Handbook of Crochet Stitches by Betty Barnden

Flower Crochet

Crochet Apple Jacket by Sara Sinaguglia

Patterns are certainly getting easier to follow and I'm not having to refer to my Crochet Handbook so much to check I'm doing the stitches right. They're far from perfect but I'm getting better and having fun. I love detailed and intricate things so crochet holds a lot of appeal. 

I've decided to try and move on from flowers and apple cosies and in anticipation of attempting some amigurumi I've started practising magic circles. They seem to be essential to getting started but despite looking at several tutorials and video clips I'm finding them awfully tricky to master. It doesn't help that my left hand doesn't always work properly (a complete nuisance which I just have to live with) but I shall persevere (or possibly revert back to slip stitching a few chains and crocheting over them!). I've spent several hours over the last week trawling through the freebies on Ravelry and I've built up a library of amigurumi patterns I want  to try. Aimee wants a rabbit!

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