Sunday, 5 February 2012

Felt Flowers

My brother and sister turn 40 next month and I took a notion to make Nic a bouquet of felt flowers. I'd already bought her a dainty necklace with a tiny blue opal drop and I've used this beautiful colour as my inspiration.

The flowers are all hand cut from templates I made myself. The colour palette is quite muted but I think the bursts of fuchsia and turquoise brings the bouquet to life. I hope Nic doesn't sneak a peek!

I just love working with felt and this is a great way to use up the bags (and bags) of scraps I've collected, thinking they'll come in useful one of these days! I also love that I can sit in front of the TV and cut out flowery shapes 'til my heart's content.

. . . well I wasn't content with one bouquet, so I made another, and I'm in the process of making another.

I haven't forgotten Steven. I don't think he'd appreciate a bunch of flowers, but I'm working on some felt spiders for him.

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