Saturday, 24 September 2011

Japanese Flower Scarf - DONE

From the very 1st to the very last, I've enjoyed making every single one of the 45 flowers in my Japanese flower scarf - my first big crochet project. I knew I would though.

the 1st flower

. . . and the last

When I started I did wonder if I'd be wearing it this winter or next, but it's been hard to put the crochet hook down so I've completed the scarf in just a few weeks. I think I could have just kept going but you have to stop sometime and besides, I was almost out of yarn. I'm thrilled to bits with what I have made and have photographed some close-ups showing a couple of my favourite flowers.

the one near the top - apple centre, camel ring and ruby petals

just above - camel centre, duck egg ring and denim petals

Hmm, what ever will I make next?

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