Thursday, 26 April 2012

Peter Puss

I'm not sure why I decided to design a cat for my first crochet pattern. I don't really like real cats but I have always found cats good inspiration for toys. Perhaps it was watching Aimee playing with the knitted cats I made her at Christmas. Who knows.

I have always worked with things finished in my head so I knew what Peter would look like before I'd even thought about how to make him. Things don't always work out exactly as I imagine them but Peter seem to come together really easily and with hardly any trial and error. I guess because I've worked on a few amigurumi patterns over the last couple of months I had a good idea how to create the shapes I needed.

In the end the trickiest part was getting his features just right; head at a jaunty angles, sad eyes and nose in the perfect spot.

I'm really pleased with the way he's turned out and so by way of thanking all the other talented people who have inspired me I have decided to share the Peter Puss pattern.

I hope somebody enjoys making him; maybe they'll be inspired too.

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