Sunday, 31 July 2011


I was recently introduced to the delights of the new craft magazine Mollie Makes.

I have always loved crochet but, for no particular reason, have never quite got round to learning how to do it. But, when I saw the gorgeous handful of crochet flowers on the front cover of Issue 3 I decided it was time to dust off my crochet hook (it was still in the packet) and see what yarns I had left from the few knitting projects I've done in the past. I had no clue how to even make a slip knot so watched videos on YouTube and worked my way through reference sites for diagrams and instructions on the basic stitches. It took numerous attempts to get something that resembled a flower; I know they're not perfect but I'm over the moon.

I went crochet crazy after that and found a lovely (and very simple) pattern for a crochet strawberry at Rhythm of the Home. I didn't have much in the way of yarns to choose from (fabric is another story altogether) but I love these strawberries anyway.

Finally, I couldn't resist having a try at Sara Sinaguglia's crochet apple cosies from Issue 1 of Mollie Makes.

Guess what everyone will be getting for Christmas!


  1. Jeezo! You've been busy since last time I saw you!! Well done. You've got a lot further in crochet than I have...I've only mastered Granny squares.


  2. ... and we've to arrange a crochet and a cake morning so you can teach me how to do a granny square.


  3. Yay for Mollie Makes!
    I have been thinking about that doll you had on your stand, she's lovely. Your Etsy shop is empty, tsk
    : )

  4. Hi Min, lovely to hear from you.

    It was like that doll was made for you (do you like my sales tactics?), but it's going to be a while 'til the Etsy shop is up and running. There are other ways to buy . . .

    I love my little glass cat too; he sits on the mantle piece looking out over the garden for rabbits and the odd mouse.

    :o) Sharon