Thursday, 7 June 2012

silly animals: series 1

It's been a long time since I've designed anything new for Silly Lily but I know that anyone who looks in on this blog (and I know there's not many of you) will know I've been rather preoccupied with crochet for the past few months. More recently I've focused on amigurumi and after a month or two practising I've (rather presumptuously) decided I'm expert enough to design a whole range of amigurumi animals!!

Without further a do, I am pleased to be able to introduce Marge, Mister Moo, Peppermint and Robert who form series 1 (a bit like Lego mini figures, etc.) of what I hope will be an ongoing collection of silly hand crocheted animals.

silly animals: series 1
Peppermint Pig loves turnips for tea!
Mister Moo prefers daisies to buttercups!
Marge Mouse pinches pecorino when nobody's looking!
Robert Rabbit would do just about anything for a carrot!

I have, at long last, got my act together and I'm delighted to announce that you can purchase your very own silly animal from my Silly Lily shop which is now open for business on ETSY. If you prefer to have a go at making one, the patterns can be downloaded via Ravelry for a wee fee!

I hope that somebody, other than mum and Aimee, will love them enough to want to have one (or two, or three, or four)!


  1. We all love our Marge Mouse! Will be looking to add to our silly animal family soon......just need to decide which one to order!